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Hey ! Guys, I am MAMAJEED, an Entrepreneur and Freedom Business Model Coach welcomes you to one of My Website. I use to provide Coaching, Training and Mentoring to new people who purchase my Courses and Training Programs. I offer Website Designing and Development Services more than 2 decades. I am on a mission to create 1,000,000 Digital Tutors,Teacher, Coaches and Entrepreneurs. I use to provide Their Web Presence as trusted and valuable expert in their industry. I own some of my very own brands like IQRASOFT.COMADSMANAGER.COMFBMCOACH.COM


Being An Author and Digital Success Coach, I am on a mission to create 1,000,000 Digital Tutors, Coaches, Teachers and Entrepreneurs. I am here to help coaches, trainers, speakers and various experts in the other fields to build, a super profitable Freedom Business Model Hub and Network Funnel with the help of their active participation from my Courses, Programs, Webinars, Training Programs and Mentoring Sessions. My journey towards freedom began when I decided never to be an employee ever again. I tried out various businesses to support my decision. Started a freelance web designing, since the year 2002 and till 2020, I reach to my ultimate destination I dreamed. With lots of experience I gained during this period I want to share to those who are still struggling to survive in their ventures, business and their lives. Come and join my Network and become successful in a short span of time.

Are you ready to go? Join my Freedom Business Model Network at:-

  1. www.fbmcoach.com
  2. www.fbm.coach
  3. www.fbm.buzz
  4. www.fbm.webs.network
  5. www.fbm.adsmanager.com
  6. www.fbm.iqrasoft.com
  7. www.AdsManager.Click
  8. www.AdsManager.Com
  9. www.AdsClarity.Com
  10. www.FreedomBusinessModel.Online
  11. www.InternetLifeStyle.Website
  12. www.fbmhub.co
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My other activities are:

  1. Courses
  2. Training Sessions
  3. Books
  4. Blogs
  5. Websites
  6. Video Blogs
  7. Podcasts
  8. Speaking
  9. Webinars
  10. Seminars
  11. Online Coaching Classes
  12. One 2 One Sessions

Contact Me at :- 1@Fbm.Coach 

Talk to Me Landline & Fax: +91-040-24442211

Mobile: 9989669261 – 8801851572 – 9010528784 – 800 888 3100

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